NCC - 86105
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Personal Log

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2017 @ 3:19am by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Personal Log, stardate 95238.27:

Things are moving along nicely here on the Livingstone.

I've finally got everything unpacked in my quarters, and put where they need to go. You don't realize how much stuff you've collected in your travels until you have to unpack it. I had always meant to hang my signed Buck Bokai baseball bat I had gotten from that freighter captain on Cestus III, but I didn't really get a chance until last night. I think a part of me felt like I'd break it if I ever took it out of storage. Well, it's on the wall now, so no jinxing it. My quarters are starting to look like home, and slowly it will start feeling like it, the longer I spend on the ship.

I was really happy to finally get to meet Commander Stevenson. It was pretty nerve wracking, but he made me feel right at home on the bridge. I even got to take the ship out, which was quite the honor. The folks I'm in charge of down in the science department are top notch. They're quite eager and willing to learn, and we've been keeping busy getting things organized down there. We've had a couple of department meetings already. I wanted everybody to get to know each other, and I wanted people to share any ideas or concerns regarding what we're doing. Very impressed.

I also thought I'd check out ten forward after my shift last night. It was late so it wasn't packed, but I did see Nakamura sitting at a table by himself and he waved me over. We traded stories for a few hours, and he invited me to one of his poker games. I don't know if I'll take him up on that offer, as I haven't played poker since the academy, but it was nice of him to ask.

Anyways, I'm getting tired, so I'm going to go feed Winston and head to bed. Have to be up early in the morning. Goodnight.


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