NCC - 86105

Personal Log

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Personal Log, stardate 95342.37:

The clean up begins. Our battle with the Ferengi caused damage to the ship, but we will clean up and make the ship whole again.

I was most happy to return home and find Winston still alive. He must have felt every bump we took but when I finally got home late last night, he was right there to greet me when I got in the door. I sat down with him for a bit before bed and gave him a few scratches behind the ear and he responded with a few kisses. Glad he pulled through all right. In fact my quarters did pretty well. Only one painting fell, and a few books fell off the bookshelf. Nothing needs replacing thankfully.

Unfortunately Whatney's experiment in Science Lab 2 was ruined and he was really ticked off. We had to have a discussion about him protecting his experiments a little better. This is a starship after all, and it's not always smooth sailing. He eventually calmed down and agreed to do a better job in the future of shielding his experiments. His work involves studying relic signatures from the Big Bang. So it's important. Hopefully his work will give us a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe.

Will spend most of my morning cleaning up my office tomorrow. I have some work to do before bed so I'll sign off.