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The first town

Posted on Fri Mar 23rd, 2018 @ 1:29am by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant Rolvek & Ensign Jacob MaCall & 1st Lieutenant Thomas Hathorne



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: planetside, Elkburg
Timeline: 16 hours after departure

The light forest and long travel gave way to the first small town on their journey. To Akelia, who was at the fore, she was glad to see that they had made it with time to spare. It was fortified by a wall, and farms surrounded it but that was normal she was told.

Walking through the gates, the small town sprawled out before them. Kids played and villagers went about their business. But there was something in the air that said not all was well. Maybe it was the segment of age that was missing or the looks in the peoples eyes that told Akelia that things were not as at ease as they would hope.

The village's inn was easy enough to find, what with the large sign and stable. "Igh, help me secure the oxen. MaCal, Rolvek and Southland, get us room and board for the night," she said as she lead the oxen in. Someone would have to watch their carts to make sure nobody found the high tech equipment or their currency supplies. But for now, fitting in was more important.

Rolvek took to his orders immediately, so therefore was the first to enter the inn. A place buzzing with activity. Music played from an instrument in the corner that seemed to be a cross between a Piano and a woodwind instrument. As the player pushed the keys they also blew into a mouth piece in order for the instrument to make any sound.

Rolveks presence seemed unnoticed until of course he approached the bar, and the bar keeper greeted him, “Can I help you, stranger?”

“Myself and my party require the use of accommodation.” The degiused Vulcan replied I’m his usual dead pan manner. As a few of the others caught up.

MaCall looked around the dark and badly lite bar. He could see that several of the customers had their religious madeleines on show. This had surprised him he new that the planets society was in a state of flux a round their believe system. He herd Rolvek discussing and then paying for a room for the night.

The oxen were tired which Akelia was grateful for. Setting Ign as first watch she headed up to inn. It took a little bit of time to find the rest due to how gloomy it was. Scratching at her beard, she grabbed some of the food the party had set out and some meed. She could feel a mild tension in the air, most likely due to the war.


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