NCC - 86105
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Salvage Hearing

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 10:59am by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Grand liquidator hearing room
Timeline: Day 34 10:00

Commander James Stevenson and Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost approached the room designated for the meeting with Grand liquidator Travak. The Ferengi guards let them through. James felt uneasy and secretly was happy that the transporter chief would have a lock on his com badge.

The room was set out like a courtroom and the Starfleet officers were ushered behind a desk on left hand side of the room. The room was decorated sparsely compared to the traditional Ferengi stile. In fact it was very functional with a long desk raised on a plinth in front of where James and Akelia were sitting.

For her part, the Andorian appreciated the fact that it wasn't as cramped as the ship they had found. Size aside, the functionality of the room made her feel a bit more at ease, though the lingering questions of the ship and their inability to answer them worried her.

After several minutes Grand liquidator Travak and six other Ferengi entered the room and took their places behind the desk.

Just as the proceedings were about to start three other Ferengi’s entered the room and greeted the panel by bowing very slightly, face up, putting their wrists together, hands apart, and their fingers were curled inward. They shuffled to a nearby desk.

Travak climbed to his feet and spoke “We are here to investigate the disappearance and salvage of the Teelamy Cerms” There was a lot of muttering from the three new arrivals, “What is it Kranog?” Travak asked, the frustration clearly in his voice. It was clear to James that these two did not get on. The elderly looking Ferengi stood and stared across the court room at the two Starfleet officers and said “Theft of the Teelamy Cerms by these humans.”

Akelia could feel herself tensing up quickly. This had gone from Starfleet to a very personalized Humans, of which she was not one. That meant something was up. Her eyes began scanning everyone and everything looking for the warnings she needed

For several seconds the Court room went silent before the Ferengi in the room started muttering. James felt a trickle of sweat descending his spine and he began to realized that this was no ordinary hearing.

Travak slapped his hand on the desk to bring the court to silence. The Grand Liquidator turned towards James and Akelia, “This is Kranog, head of Gnapax Enterprizez, a trading company and owner of the Teelamy Cerms.” He continued “Commander Stevenson, the reports that you have submitted have been read, is there any other information that you would like to add or change?”

“Nothing further to add” James said deliberately.

Travak turned to Kranog “Tell the Court your version of events”.
Kranog again took to his feet and addressed the Court. He pressed a button at his desk and an image flickered onto a screen at the side of the Courtroom showing the Livingstone and the Teelamy Cerms docked next to each other at Antros IV. “While both ships were docked at Antros IV, the human and Luctor, Captain of the Teelamy Cerms agreed to meet away from prying eyes where the human would claim that the Ship was abandoned and try to claim salvage rights.” The Courtroom simultaneously inhaled a sharp intake of breath.

Akelia's eyebrows and antennas went up.On a Ferengi ship, this would most likely be the case as the Damon ruled supreme, but on a Federation ship she would have been involved, an interesting slip.

“And how do you know this?” Travak asked Kranog.
“Because one loyal member of the Ferengi crew escaped in a pod and brought this information to me.”

James could feel all the Ferengi in the Courtroom staring at him. Travak asked the Commander “Do you have anything to say to your accuser?”

Akelia wanted to ask to question the 'loyal crew member' but knew at this stage there was really no point.

James took a moment to steady himself “We found this vessel abandoned three days after leaving Antros IV.” Before he could continue Kranog shouted “How convenient that two ships docked next to each other accidentally meet in deep space!” Again the Ferengi’s in the Courtroom begin muttering, however, this time Travak allowed the chatter to continue for several minutes.

Travak felt the momentum of the hearing moving in his direction. “Also, how convenient that all the computer memories of the Ship are wiped clean, we all know that Starfleet has technology that it refuses to share with the Ferengi and they have used this to wipe the records and forge Ship licensing documents.”

A headache was forming, she could tell. A different culture and different rules of engagement. It was frustrating her that she had no way to come to grips with the charges laid out despite how obviously false they were.

James felt the frustration build within him. “This is clearly untrue, as a Starfleet officer I would have no need for material gain.” But as James said this he realised that in this culture such a statement would only be met with derision.

Travak held up his hand and the Court went silent. “I now invoke the Ferengi legal condition called Plea Bargaining and claim the contents of the USS Livingstone’s pod as recompense”.

Suddenly the mystery of the ghost ship became clear, they had been set up. Travak would have known that a Starfleet vessel would be duty bound to investigate a damaged ship and offer assistance.

"Such speed in movement, one would almost think you were an Andorian seeking an honor duel," Akelia quipped hopping to give her commander a moment to think and respond.

James stood “I have been accused of a crime and I wish to defend myself. However, I need time to plan my defence”. Kranog nodded and whispered something to the Ferengi sitting next to him who typed on a unseen keyboard.

Kranog then stood, “I have placed your Ship under a tractor beam and you will return here in 48 hrs to defend yourself, if you are found guilty Travak will have his recompense”.

With this the Starfleet officers were led from the room and back to their Ship.


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