NCC - 86105
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The Key is the pod

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 8:17am by Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Day 34 12:56

James paced his ready room, he and Akelia had returned from the hearing an hour previously and he was still angry with the accusation and due to this frustration was struggling to think.

He looked at the image of the Livingstone and the again, he threw it onto his desk and continued pace his ready room. He knew they had been set up, this Ferengi legal condition of Plea Bargaining and claim would see that after one mission he would return to the federation in disgrace without half his ship, Dame Kranog, dame the Livingstone and it’s Pod. He smashed his fist on to his desk. With this the padd containing the picture moved a little, something alerted him, he picked up the image again, the pod he thought.. that’s it, the pod!

Several minutes later a plan began to form in his mind, he looked at the image again. He opened his communicator and began to call members of his executive into his office.

First in was Akelia, “We have less than 2 days, I need you try to infiltrate the Gnapax Enterprizez compound, I believe it’s on the outer rings of the station. Use Taxen, a least we have one Ferengi we can trust. We need find details of the registering and Luctor if he exists. Also anything that puts any of Kranog’s ships at Antros IV at the same time as us. This image was taken by someone I bet it will be another Gnapax Enterprizez ship.”

Shortly after Akelia had left, Eric O'Shea was summoned to the ready room. James was surprised to see that he looked quite dishevelled, but that would have to wait.

“I need you to go over the internal sensors of the pod, prior to our security setting up the Transport inhibitors. Also see if it’s possible to count how many times they have stopped a transport.” James gave the instruction.

Finally it was the turn of Jonathan Westbrook. James briefed him on what was needed. “This is the image of the Teelamy Cerms and us. If you look closely you will see that it was taken before the pod’s were swapped. Which means you were right about the solar wind and time of the Teelamy Cerms leaving the space port. This also means that we had the sensor pod fitted, this has a lot more range than normal sensors. Go through the logs and see if you can track the Teelamy Cerms when she leaves the station, if the calculation of where she started her journey is correct we should be able to see her.”


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