NCC - 86105
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Greed, conquers greed

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 7:21pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: USS Livingstone - Medical Lab

Eric was nearly comatose when the intercom warbled and pulled him up out of the depths of the Bajoran whiskey summoning him to the Captains office. Swearing under his breath in Gaelic, Eric stumbled tot he fresher and opened up his emergency kit. A hypospray of alcohol neutralizer, followed up by a low dose shot of vitamin B12 and followed it up with a couple of stems.

The self medicating wouldn't be pretty later on, but for now it got Eric moving. He splashed water onto his face and switched into a fresh uniform before rushing out.

Eric avoided eye contact with the Commander as he was issued his marching orders and nodded, "Aye aye, Captain. I'll get on it. Eric went to the Engineering repeater station on the bridge and activated his contact, bringing up diagnostic information and telemetry feeds.

Working backwards, he found that the transport inhibitors had done their job, there wasn't a trace of activity and all security systems were working fine. He tapped into the internal sensors of the Pod and and began running a system analysis.

Nothing. After nearly an hour of examining the feeds from the pod, Eric didn't have squat. All power readings appeared normal and cycled regularly. At that thought, Eric paused and took a closer look.

It was regular and that meant it was predictable. Eric began pulling the actual cycling of the Pod's power relays and after another ten minutes, found what he was looking for. He stored the diagnostic information he needed and exited the bridge, the mission helping to push down the feeling that someone was trying to itch the back of his eye with an ice pick.

Forty minutes later, he had ran a level one diagnostic and found what he needed and headed for the medical lab.

Doctor Rolvek was stood at a workbench in the main Medical lab working with a Petri dish containing a small amount of a newly discovered enzyme, and a small amount of the hedreinar virus. Even the Vulcan Medical chief was amazed by the results as the harmless enzyme obliterated the virus leaving the dish clean, his eyebrow raised and he immediately started tapping at the console to his side to log the results.

As he was doing so the door swooshed open and Rolvek's head raised to see the man entering the room.

Eric nodded to the Vulcan and said, "Hello, Lieutenant. I assume you've heard the problems our Captain is having with the Ferengi?

"I have heard that the Captain is currently facing legal charges" Rolvek replied "Charges which jeopardize our mission, and there for concern us all."

Eric steadied himself against a counter and said, "Someone was in the Pod, other than authorized personnel prior to our docking the thing. Those someones hacked the security protocol and reset the power to factory settings, which set up a regular cycle in the power flow from the station to the Pod. That let them beam in during the wee hours and take a look."

Rolvek had started to realise that there was something a miss with O'Shea, but for now stuck with the problem at hand. "Fascinating. I assume you have been able to ascertain who had interfered with the pod systems?"

Eric pulled up the feeds he'd worked with and showed them to the Vulcan. "I can't get a reading on who it might have been, but I diagnostics from the air scrubbers and thought maybe you could look at the recorded data and get something."

Looking through the diagnostic he was being shown Rolvek could see straight away that deas skin particles had been caught in the filtration system. "There are shedded particles from someone that has been within the pod." Rolvek spoke as if he had already worked everything out, "however it is altogether possible that these particles were from authorised personnel rather than that of an intruder."

Rolvek opened ordered the computer to proceed with a more detailed scan of the skin particles, so that it would display the DNA structure. Pointing at 3 of the 5 represented DNA stands he established their origin. "These 2 are human DNA, and if I am not mistaken this looks to be the DNA of a Bolian."

He pointed at the other two. "These are not as familiar to me. There are several life forms they could belong to. One of which is Ferengi"

"Not exactly the solid evidence that would point fingers at anyone, "Eric stated. "All Star Fleet personal have DNA on file, so it should help eliminate our personnel. That leaves the unknowns."

Eric thought for awhile and looked at Rolvek, "Getting detailed scans from the Ferengi might be tricky. Do you suppose we could bluff them into thinking there had been some sort mutation and anyone who had been in that pod was at risk of contracting some sort of sickness or disease. That might scare them into giving something away. Some bug that is nearly impossible to detect without a deep scan?"

"I do not beleive fabricating evidence would be appropriate for legal proceedings" Rolvek reprimanded "however I beleive we have a Ferengi serving aboard the Livingstone. It should be possible to compare their DNA profile against that of the data we have here, which will rule out her precence aboard the pod."

Rolvek continued not allowing any room for interuption "Providing I have a base DNA sequence, I should also be able to build an image of the persons in question. I do need to know the race the DNA belongs to before that is possible however."

Eric rubbed his temples and bit off a comment about working with Vulcans. He'd have to get Rolvek into a poker game some time and go over the fine art of bluffing. Staring at the data streams, Eric let his mind wander. If they had time, it might not be too hard to get the DNA.

Then a grin spread on his face. "I wonder..." Eric brought up another screen and tapped into the security database. He felt the Vulcan looking over his shoulder and the unasked question that he really didn't feel like answering right away. It took him time.

The first fifteen minutes was relatively easy. It only cost him two strips of gold pressed latnum to pull the crew manifest off of Travak's ship. The next forty five minutes made him want to strangle a snide little Frengi named Shutt.

After seven strips of latinum the negotiation with the station Ferengi Futures Exchange. Specifically, the office of Death Futures, Eric was able to pull a cross reference of Ferengi DNA and pushed himself back with a hopeful look.

Glancing up at Rolvek. "There you go Lieutenant, a whole ship full of possible DNA strands to match our intruders too."

"Fascinating" the word in itself told of the wonderment in Eric's work. In fact this was almost praise.

Eric shrugged, "I learned a bit about them while on a side mission and it's a curious habit the Ferengi have of selling off their dead corpses piecemeal. Every Ferengi hopes to become famous enough to have someone actually want to buy the remains, so they register with the Office of Death Futures. I pulled the manifest off of Travak's ship, and now we have a detailed list of their DNA, along with futures prices."

The Vulcan tilted his head slightly as if he was curious of the culture Eric was talking about. "I take it you have found something that can be of use?"

Eric moved out of the Vulcan's way and let him at the data as he stood and stretched. Catching the medical officer's sidelong glance Eric shrugged and grinned, "Hopefully what we need is there, it would be pretty poetic using their greed to stopper their plan."

Rolvek examined the data and made a cross reference to the DNA that had been found in the filtration system. "The DNA strands are indeed Ferengi. With the data you have provided I should be able to cross reference these samples with any suspects. It will however take several hours to complete."


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