NCC - 86105
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The Sensor Logs

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2017 @ 5:56pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook & Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Bridge

The Chief Science Officer of the Livingstone had been going through the data on his computer screen for the past hour. He sat comfortably at his computer station on the bridge, determined to find some answers for his commanding officer. He told himself that he wouldn't stop until he had found something useful for him. The Ferengi had attached a tractor beam to the Livingstone, and soon Stevenson would be due in front of the Ferengi court again.

Jonathan had noticed something interesting in the sensor logs. A ship, which had left at the same time as the Teelemy Cerms.

"Interesting," thought Jonathan

The sensor logs showed that as they entered the edge of the Livingstones sensor range, the two ships docked for an hour and then separated.

"Computer, please enhance grid F8." The computer responded to his orders.

He squinted at the enhanced image before him.

"Computer, analyze the object in grid F8. Display dimensions on screen."

The computer did as it was told.

His eyes focused upon an indistinguishable blob. The dimensions displayed by the computer however, matched the dimensions of a Ferengi escape pod. As the Teelemy Cerms burst forward to warp, the other ship must have collected the escape pod.

So two ships at the edge of the Livingstones sensor range. They dock for an hour, and then detach. Before the Teelemy Cerms bursts into warp, an escape pod is launched, and is collected by the other ship as the Teelemy Cerms departs.

"Very interesting Jonathan, but how can you be sure?" he whispered.

He suddenly snapped his fingers. If they fed the data from the computer and into a holodeck, they would be able to watch the events play out before them. He tapped his combadge.

"Westbrook to Commander Stevenson, would you be able to meet me in holodeck 1? I have a theory I'd like to test out."

James was reading through the reports of the away teams boarding of the Teelamy Cerms, again. He had already read them through several times but he had to try to find something, anything that would help the Livingstone's case.

When Jonathan's message came through James was thinking of going for a walk to try to clear his thoughts. "Roger, that" he replied and set off for holodeck 1.

Jonathan had the computer play out the scenario on the holodeck for Commander Stevenson.

As James opened the door he was confronted by a large 3 dimensional model of space. He work is round the edge of this to meet up with Jonathan.

“This is the picture from our sensors at 11:30 on Day 20 of our mission, Sir” He turned and typed onto a wall padd.” The centre of the modal expanded reviling at the heart of the scenario the USS Livingstone with the old sensor pod still attached and docked next to her the Teelemy Cerms. Pass the 2 docked ships was another D'Kora-class ship.

“That must be where the picture is from” Muttered James.
“If we play our sensor logs forward, watch what happens.”

As the modal began to run forward in time both ships began to move forward and fly to the edge of the Livingstone sensor range, where they docked together, clearly the Ferengi had miscalculated the extended range of a Nebula class sensor pod.

The there was a bright flash as the Teelemy Cerms went to warp.
James pointed to the flash “You’ve calculated the route?”
“Yes” Replied Jonathan “Straight to where we found her.” James nodded in satisfaction.

Jonathan typed again on the wall pad. The scenario run backwards until moments before the Teelemy Cerms went to warp. There was a small dot barely visible between the two ships.
“Enlarge the object in grid F8”
Suddenly in front of the 2 men appeared the missing escape pod.

He looked up at the holodecks ceiling and said, "Computer, freeze program."

Turning towards his commanding officer, he neatly summarized what the computer had played for them inside the holodeck.Then he added, "I think that they were trying to use the a nebular gas cloud overabundance of certain chemicals to hide from or confuse our sensors. An ingenious idea sir, but one that didn't work very well."


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