NCC - 86105
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Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 2:00am by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Gnapax Enterprizez
Timeline: Day 34 1500 hours

Infiltration was one of Akelia's strong suits, though this mission wasn't her preferred target. A shipping company was hardly the Orion Syndicate nor her other targets. Either way, that there was a Ferengi on staff made this all the simpler.

"Felnost to CWO Taxen, report in civilian work attire to the docking port.

Akelia herself changed into civilian clothing, a one piece jumpsuit with lots of pockets and a cap. While Andorians weren't as common as humans, the number of blue skinned species let her fit in to some degree. In the pockets she put a tricorder, a type one phaser and some other equipment.

Upon arriving at the entry way, she found the Ferengi already there. "Here's the plan, we're workers for the subcontracted labor force on this station. You're my boss and while I work, my eyes while I work on their system," she said in her military tone, then suddenly she shifted to a laid back spacer tone, "Now let's get going ya cheapskatin' Ferengi. I wanna get done here as quickly as possible."

The two of them headed off towards the offices playing their roles well enough, Akelia gripping about the cheapskateness of the Ferengi and getting Rules of Aquisition hurled back at her.

Arriving at the Gnapax Enterprizez area the two skirted around it until they found a side hatch. While the Ferengi quartermaster set up a look out position repairing something minor, Akelia snuck into the hatch. For once, Ferengi and Federation sizes weren't all the different and the crawl way she found herself in was all and all the same size as a Jeffry's tube on the Livingstone.

It took her a little bit of time to maneuver herself into position where she could access the Gnapax Enterprizez mainframe. But once in, she found it easy enough to navigate and hack. Shipping information and ship deployment gave her plenty of interesting information to pass on to the captain, but something else popped up that raised her eye brows. The escape pod was here. And it was in a neighboring storage bay.

It didn't take too long to get to the storage bay and lowering herself unnoticed wasn't too difficult of a problem. Sitting there snuggly behind some storage crates was the escape pod. A quick hack and she confirmed it was from the ship. Giving this to the court would be a good idea, though how to do it unnoticed was a different challenge. Scrambling around it, she found a nice location and stuck her combadge to the escape pod.

Akelia had always kept herself in top physical condition and getting back out was one of the reasons why. Using her strength, she could easily lift herself back into the crawl way. Making her way back, she found the quartermaster where she had left him and with a nod, the two headed back to the ship with the data she had mined and one found escape pod tagged.


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