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42nd Company, "Cherons", Marines

Created by Commander James Stevenson on Thu Apr 20th, 2017 @ 10:23am

The Regiment, as in military tradition had been named after it’s greatest honour, the Battle of Cheron. This was the pivotal battle that took place in 2160, between the Romulan Star Empire and an Earth. The outcome of the battle effectively ended the Earth-Romulan War, with the "humiliating defeat" of the Romulans. It was during this battle, that Earth forces were able to turn the Romulans back into their own territory and prevent an invasion of Earth for good.

Earth's space forces, led by Jonathan Archer and Enterprise, were able to destroy and disable 90% of the Romulan forces making their advance, a force that was already crippled due to the Romulan loss of their staging grounds in Sector 2148. During the battle seven Romulan vessels were taken by force with boarding parties. Four of the seven vessels taken were led by MACO Major Matt Clow and the 501st Strike Force, which was stationed temporarily aboard Enterprise. The other three were taken by the newly formed Marine Combat Group.These Marines were to be the fore runner of the Obsidian Fleet Marine corps. The original members of the 42 company took and held one of the Romulan ships at the start of the Battle and were able to keep it under Earth’s control until the end of the hostilities.

This was why at the bottom of the company’s flag was their hard won motto in Romulan “ih'hwi dha, heith mhirrafv” roughly translated to “First in, last out.”

Command tree-USS livingstone
Marine detachment

Second Officer/ Marine CO
Marine XO

Flight Commander(1)
Chief combat Medic(1)
Chief combat Engineer(1)
Chief Communications officer(1)

Flight element Leader(4)

Combat Medic
Combat Engineer

Breakdown by unit:

42nd Company, "Cherons' Grenadiers" 100 Marines
(Not counting officers)
(Breaks down to:)
Able Platoon (A Platoon) 20 marines
Baker Platoon (B Platoon) 20 marines
Charlie Platoon (C Platoon) 20 marines
Delta Platoon (D Platoon) 20 marines
Gamma Squadron (G Platoon/Squadron) 20 marine pilots
(Breaks down to 10 Marines per section/patrol)
ABLE: Section 1 and 3
BAKER: Section 2 and 4
CHARLIE: Section 5 and 7
DELTA: Section 6 and 8
GAMMA: Patrol 9 and 10

The composition of a section would have a combat engineer, a medic, a sniper, a radioman, and six regular Marines.